Terminalization, Handling and Warehousing Services

We specialize in the loading and unloading of paper pulp and reels as well as in many other kinds of goods such as iron and steel artifacts (no matter what size or weight), wood trunks and wood on pallets, bulk bags and loose goods (cereals, grain etc.) We will also provide you with outdoor areas for containers and indoor areas for freight warehousing.

Container and Trailer Loading and Unloading

Reach stackers, which are meant to move containers and trailers around in terminals and ports, allow us to move loads fast and pile them up according to the specific logistical needs. For example, semi-trailers are often containers and the main means of intermodal transport at the same time. Therefore, suitable vehicles are needed in rail terminals for combined transport to be really effective and time-efficient.

Loose Goods

As far as the rail transport is concerned, we also provide our customers with a specifically-built plant on a reserved railroad for loading any kind of cereals and their derivatives, as well as plastic goods at a loading rate of 100 tons per hour ‒ the equivalent of three loaded semi-trailer trucks.

Load securing

We do not only specialize in securing standard and voluminous goods to railway cars, but also in supplying and placing wooden holders, straps and steel ropes in accordance with the current EU and non-EU regulations.

Intermodal Transport and door-to-door Delivery and Collection Service

We can also manage the rail delivery and collection of your goods thanks to the following services:
• transport of railway cars by road;
• railway transport of standard, oversize and overweight goods;
• transport of trailers and containers.